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Here you will the range of Sage Espresso Machines. We have tested out these machines and find they are the best, affordable home espresso machines. They are a wide range of levels to choose from depending on budget and level of interest in espresso.

They are very reliable and come recommended by us!

11 products found in Sage Espresso Machines

Sage New Bambino
  • $388.00
Sage Barista Pro
  • $920.00
Sage Barista Express
  • $809.00
Sage Oracle
  • $2,325.00
Sage The Puck Sucker
  • $100.00
Sage The Knock Box Mini
  • $34.00
Sage 58mm Naked Portafilter
  • $89.00
Sage Claro Swiss Water Filter
  • $22.00
Sage Coffee Machine Charcoal Water Filters
  • $22.00
Sage Espresso Cleaning Tablets
  • $22.00
Sage The Descaler (Pack of 4)
  • $22.00